Updated 22nd of July, 2020


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We use this cookie with a true or false value to determine whether or not you’ve approved the use of other cookies on This Website.

No personally identifiable information is asked for, or is shared by This Website without your knowledge.

Third party cookies

Visitors might notice other third-party cookies being set automatically on their browser when they visit This Website. These are set by third party services that This Website relies on but has no control over.

Third party cookies are likely to change from time to time, as third parties update their software. At the time of writing, the following cookies are known. You can read more about them below:

This cookie is set by the cloud delivery service CloudFlare, and is used to used to speed up page load times. You can read more about it on their cookie info page
These cookies are set by the analytics service Google Analytics, and are used to help identify users from one page load to the next. You can read more about them on their cookie info page

Questions about cookies

If you have questions about cookies and want to learn more, the website aboutcookies.org.uk has more information.

You can lookup information on a specific cookie using the service Cookiepedia.